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Media and Entertainment Solutions for Digital Transformation

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Media and Entertainment Solutions for Digital Transformation

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We are proud partners in long-lasting relationships with leading broadcasters, whom we have helped through their digital transformation journeys over the past decade.

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Filmed Entertainment

We have an extensive experience of having worked with the leading studios, and this has helped us build deep domain expertise for filmed entertainment. 

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We have a strong experience of having worked with leading music companies, and have partnered with them on their digital transformation journey. 

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They also require to achieve business outcomes, by leveraging new and promising digital channels. our digital technology expertise understanding of the publishing value chain. 

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We leverage our deep experience with advertising companies and the larger Media Entertainment ecosystem, to deliver innovative solutions and services. 

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Information Services

Information Services companies hence need to reinvent their value chain, with primary elements being faster customer experience focus and better innovation management.

Our Offerings

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Digital Transformation

Empower your enterprise with disruptive business transformation, to become a truly Digital Business and a market leader.

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Product Engineering

Achieve the desired business outcomes with LTI’s cutting-edge product development framework, based on design thinking, agile development, DevOps and cloud computing.

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Application Modernization

Assess your current application landscape, and enable agility and responsiveness to changing business needs.

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Business Assurance

Achieve faster time-to-market, higher cost efficiencies, and augmented consumer experience, with LTI’s platform-enabled assurance offerings.

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Cloud, Security & Infrastructure

Build an agile and tailored cloud & infrastructure portfolio to meet your enterprise-specific business imperatives.