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If organizations succeed in applying digital experiences to improving the patient experience- it will be a competitive differentiator. And for helping healthcare organizations stay ahead in the race and achieve customer-oriented services and care, we’re here with the most advanced and secure digital solutions.

Now that patients around the world have grown more comfortable using digital networks and services, even for complex and sensitive issues like healthcare, we believe the time has come for healthcare systems, payers, and providers to go “all in” on their digital strategies.

There has been an increase in fitness fanatics who are becoming more tech-oriented with their workouts and diets. People will log the foods that they eat and the exercises they have accomplished each day to keep them on track with their fitness goals.
The question is, where should they start? And the answer is ‘no other place better than Konstant’!

Some of the key solutions we provide are:

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software

Fitness apps help us to monitor and track our workout routine. This way we can know where exactly we are in our fitness calendar.

Wearable App Development

Our Solution is built in alignment with Business Strategy in terms of Customer Reach, Engagements, Revenue streams and Monetization.

Pharma IT Software Solutions

We cover it End to End with all the possibilities with current and upcoming technological changes. Our solutions are scalable to meet future requirements, integrations and engineering capabilities needed for a successful digital Platform.

Fitness Tracking Apps

Workout apps is the broadest category in our list. As the name implies, they are focused on workouts. Its main purpose is to show users what exercises to do and explain exactly how to do them.

Health Insurance Apps

Activity tracking by accumulating information from various user devices such as Fitness Bands, Sensor Devices, Bluetooth based Trackers, GYM Schedules and third party health applications. With analytics, we serve users with complete tracking information along with decisive analytics for users and trainers.

Mobile Hospital Management Solutions

Integrated Solutions with seamless information access across the devices including: Cloud, Mobile, Wearables, IoT Enabled Fitness Machines/devices etc.Workout apps are the best option for those sports fans who can’t imagine a workout without a fitness band.

Web and Mobile Healthcare Solutions

Fitness resources, trainers and online classes are available based on the user custom needs such as User Fitness Goals, Time-zones and GPS Location.

Clinical Management System Software

We build Solutions with a Product Management Approach along with due technical roadmap for managing solution features and capabilities with product versioning.

Electronic Health Records (EHR) Software

Seamless integration to social interactions between app and other social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. Users can share favorite fitness content like Images, Videos, Links or their own fitness activities from various devices or classes.