Par Infotech


Being a leader in mobile app development, Par infotech specializes in developing responsive apps for mobiles, tablets, and desktops. We provide professional-level services from mobile business to entertainment apps.

Banner Design

Par infotech creates beautiful and effective banners for websites that make the right noise and impact. Our graphic design team have time and again excelled in creating banners that speak your brand’s vision through compelling images and powerful text. Not only do they stand out but they also compliment the entire website as a whole.

Logo Design

Logos make brands successful or successful brands have great logos. Logos have hidden meanings or just plain simple. Point is – every logo is unique and represents the brand and as such, it carries as much importance as the brand itself. At Par infotech, we believe that a logo should encompass the entire brand’s philosophy and present it cleanly in one single stroke.

Brochure Design

At any given point, a brochure is about to come into your hands. This is one of the oldest yet most effective marketing techniques of our times. So, it is difficult to catch the reader’s attention and stand out from the crowd. Our Los Angeles brochure design services aim to deliver just that punch.

Our branding services are comprehensive and cover a wide range of tools and strategies. However, our brochure design is unique in delivering innovative and creative solutions to the client’s unique demand.