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We Create Video streaming App Social Nework Solution

We Create Social Nework Solution And Your Users Can Enjoy Their Lives On The Go

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The best give you for social solution

 we have been working on an automated, simplified approach to help you migrate your network management solution as quickly and painlessly as possible. 

 Through automated scripts and APIs, our unified approach starts with the Discovery of your multi-vendor and multiple technology environment and uses this as the foundation for an all-in-one solution that includes Inventory, Fault Management and RCA, Network Configuration and Change Management, and Performance & Services.

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Our Features For Social Network Solutions


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Integration with social networks

You can add Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn APIs to help people register.Necessary data can be pulled from existing networks. What’s more, adding social media sharing buttons will give users an opportunity to share content with others, letting your platform get more exposure.

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In-app communication

Provide people with chat options and let them comment on activities. We usually build chat functionality with WebSockets, as they allow us to implement real-time communication. You can also use technology, which combines WebSockets and long polling (technology that can be used to get real-time events).

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Your platform will have to store large amounts of data, so you need to think of how and where it should be stored. There are various kinds of data, including text, audio, video, and photo content. You can choose PostgreSQL, MySQL, Microsoft SQL, or Oracle for your database. 

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Integration of data sources. 

When you want to implement additional data sources, say maps or places, you can integrate your app with the Google Maps or Google Places API.

What We Build For

Trending technologies for social networks to help people connect and make new friends with others nearby and around the world.

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Location-based services

Social networking applications are even more attractive if you add geolocation features. Users can attach geotags to photos and videos on social networks, which is much faster than writing where they are. 

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To create a voice interface, We provide to integrate your solution with AI-powered personal assistants such as Siri and Alexa. Voice interfaces can perform two functions: voice typing and voice notifications.

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Live video streaming

One trending feature that complements networking platforms is live video streaming. We provide broadcasting and social networking and lets users discover and create real-time interactive content.

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Interaction with other services.

Consider integrating your solution with existing services and in this way augment the user experience. Integrating with other services will allow you to plug into an existing ecosystem. 

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Networks for building relationships

we provide this solution to people communicate and can be divided into networks for personal communication (Facebook), professional communication (LinkedIn) and dating (Badoo).

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Networks for media sharing

Social Notworks let users exchange content such as videos and photos. If you integrate your solution with one of these networks, you’ll allow your platform to scale its content.

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Online reviews

Integrating with online reviews can drive purchases and enhance your app’s features. People can add products to their wish lists or favorites and then share them with others.

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Publishing platforms

This social media solution usually support blogging and microblogging and allow people to import content with ease and grow a media following.

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Interest-based networks

Social networks can unite people with similar interests. is a network for people who love music. Goodreads unites those who enjoy books.